Green irony: Ozone repletion to warm Antarctica

Time for a rethink of the Montreal Protocol?

Climatewire reports today that NOAA researchers say in a new Journal of Geophysical Research study that the anticipated ‘recovery” of the Antarctic ozone “hole” will warm the continent. Unfortunately, no more information is available as Climatewire offered few details and the JGR study isn’t yet available on the web.

But that shouldn’t stop you from refreshing your recollection as to why ozone depletion hysteria is junk science-based.

2 thoughts on “Green irony: Ozone repletion to warm Antarctica”

  1. Brownian motion, and if you believe that, let me tell you another one! Forbid someone sniffs underground!

  2. How can a substance like CFCs, which are 8 times heaver than air, and produced mostly in the Northern Hemisphere, travel through 4 wind circulation zones and end up in Antartica, then rise against the downflow of air to destroy the ozone layer?

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