Perry blames EPA For 500 jobs losses; Other candidates say… ?

Gov. Rick Perry issued the following statement regarding Luminant’s announcement that 500 jobs will be lost due to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Cross State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR):

The Obama Administration continues to put up road blocks for our nation’s job creators by imposing burdensome regulations based on assumptions, not facts, that will result in job losses and increased energy costs with no definite environmental benefit. Yet again, this administration is ignoring Texas’ proven track record of cleaning our air while creating jobs, opting instead for more stifling red tape. As expected, the only results of this rule will be putting Texans out of work and creating hardships for them and their families, while putting the reliability of Texas’ grid in jeopardy.

Where are the other candidates statements?

4 thoughts on “Perry blames EPA For 500 jobs losses; Other candidates say… ?”

  1. Jim – And you are qualified to comment on anyone other than B. Hussein Obama’s “intelligence” for exactly what reason???

    Is it, perhaps, because you “believe” the many failures of B. Hussein Obama (spending, foreign policy, spending, unemployment, spending, ObamaDeathCare, spending, Cap and Tax, spending, etc, etc, etc) are actually successes???

  2. I’m not sure it requires Democratic TV networks to make any of the candidates look like morons. I’m not even sure they have reached that level of excellence.

  3. There is plenty of time left to make Obama look like the moron he is. First the GOP needs to put up the right person. I do not know if Perry and certainly Romney are it. Perry has a sound view of environmental issues (so far). But can he articulate them well enough to expose Obama for the fool that he is? Remains to be seen.

  4. The Republican debates are run by Democrat TV networks. They want candidates to look like morons fighting between themselves and are succeeding in doing this.

    Important issues like energy policy and the EPA trying to stop fossil fuel use by regulation are being ignored.

    Obama is winning the debates by not being there.
    James Rust

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