New EPA air rule kills 500 jobs in Texas

EPA’s recently promulgated Cross-State Air Pollution Rule will kill 500 jobs in Texas and the affected power company has sued, reports the Longview News-Journal.

We explain CSAPR’s overkill in “EPA’a Clean Air Act: Pretending air pollution is worse than it is“.

Click for Luminant’s media release.

Click for detailed letters from the Texas Congressional delegation to the White House Office of Management and Budget about CSAPR.

3 thoughts on “New EPA air rule kills 500 jobs in Texas”

  1. Obama said during his campaining he was going to punish the coal companies by making it to expensive for them to run. I guess he’s keeping his promise.

  2. Every time I attend trade shows for this industry sector I am amazed at how disjointed and unorganized the response to EPA’s recent blitzkrieg. There can no longer be any doubt as to EPA’s intentions for coal – it is to shut it down or at least make this form of power generation as expensive as renewables and nuclear. You would think that “Big Coal” would have all kinds of money to hire experts to counter the EPA train wreck. But all I ever see is the good work done by Junkscience, Climate Depot, etal who do not benefit from enormous industry and government budgets.

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