Kudos to Cain: Calls for EPA do over

At the GOP Presidential debate tonight, Herman Cain was asked, if he had to get rid of a federal agency, which would it be and why. Cain said he would get rid of the EPA because it had “gone wild.” Disappointingly, other than Rick Perry’s fleeting mention of the the job-killing EPA, no other candidate took aim at the EPA.

2 thoughts on “Kudos to Cain: Calls for EPA do over”

  1. I first heard about Herman Cain about 3 years ago, I was interested so looked up his background, read his speeches, listened to his talk show from Atlanta on the internet, and I got hooked. During that time his principles have never changed. His methods change to meet the new challenges, but his principles are rock solid. I admire this man as much as anyone I have ever seen run for President. No matter how the race turns out, this man needs to be in any republican Administration in some capacity. Go Cain!

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