Polar bear mauls teen: Global warming?

The death of a British teen by polar bear mauling in Norway is being positioned as due to global warming.

But perhaps a better explanation is just poor judgment by the teen’s adult leaders or maybe the polar bear population is expanding into human areas because there are so many polar bears.

Click for coverage in The Guardian.

7 thoughts on “Polar bear mauls teen: Global warming?”

  1. The polar bear ate the Brit for the same reason a grizzly bear ate Timothy Treadwell: Dinner was dumb as a sled track.

  2. The population of polar bears is twice that of the people on Spitsbergen Island. The killer bear is described as ravenously hungry. The risk of bear attacks can be reduced substantially by trophy hunting. This can bring the population down to a level that matches available food. I am confident that the revenue from tourism and hunter outfitting will be welcome to the residents of Spitsbergen Island.

  3. Obviously, if it hadn’t been for ‘global warming’ it would have been too cold for the Brits to go play eco-tourist in Norway. /sarc

  4. Firstly, its the Guardian, akin to the Daily News in NY. Secondly, its summer and Bears come off the Ice. NOt to global warming, but Summer. These idiot ecotourists don’t understand that a polar bear will eat anything nearby. They are opportunist feeders and people are easier to catch than a seal.

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