14 thoughts on “Must-see video: Stop the Environment”

  1. The irony of this video is that “stopping” the environment is as ridiculous as “saving” the environment.

  2. Some step outside on a cool clear day and think “what a wonderful thing.” Then they turn on the news, see a tornado, and think, my neighbor is causing that.

  3. That’s pretty much the deal. Rush calls it illustrating the absurd with the absurd.

    The sad thing is that they think we really believe in raping the environment. We don’t. We believe in harvesting the resources available in the environment. A farmer harvesting his field does not destroy the field. That is the norm for almost all of humanity, even us eeveel conservatives.

  4. Yes, exactly. That’s what I meant by the Archie Bunker reference. Snide attempt at humor. Sorry to see Steve taken in.

  5. I can come to a first conclusion after having watched just the first minute. I watched especially at the intonation and facial expression and other non-verbal messages. They don’t mean seriously what they say. It sounds and looks the same like this commercial for voting. Do you remember when Hollywood stars made a spot where they said “Don’t vote.” And it was a spot for the people to go voting when there is an election.
    This is really sad. Finally there is a spot where the wording is exactly like it should be. A spot that says like things are and says how stupid it is to e.g. save the whales and think, nature is endangered by man or human civilization. And then it is a spot that means the exact opposite. A spot whose makers think, it is stupid to think like they say. A spot that only furthers environmental messages and is another blow to the counter-movement.

  6. Even libs can be funny in their insanity.

    BTW, when did Ed Asner have his stroke? He’s not looking too good.

    “A wolf cannot bite you in the ass when it’s dead.”

  7. Ed Asner does Archie Bunker. Like someone commented, “I hate when it ends before it gets funny.”

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