Memo to coal industry: Time to replace your 'Steve Miller'

The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity is planning a really lame-o campaign for the fall.

According to the Clean Energy Report,

The coal industry will launch a fall campaign urging the Obama administration to adopt what it calls a more balanced approach toward developing clean coal technology, taking into account the impacts of EPA regulations on the nation’s coal-fired power fleet, energy prices and job growth, according to industry sources…

… a senior official with the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE) says… EPA should slow its implementation of the regulations in order to complement deployment of more efficient and cleaner technologies.

Of course, the Obama administration doesn’t want coal whether it is “clean” (i.e., CO2 emission-free through carbon capture and storage) or not. A plea to get the EPA to ease up on its anti-coal jihad in order to not hurt the development of so-called “clean coal” is too stupid for words. By the time CCS could ever be deployed (if ever), the EPA will have already destroyed the coal industry.

If ACCCE insists on keeping a Steve Miller as its executive director, we advise ACCCE’s member companies to get rid of this Steve Miller…

… and replace him with this Steve Miller…

… as there’s no chance the latter Steve Miller could possibly come up with a sillier and more ineffectual campaign.

3 thoughts on “Memo to coal industry: Time to replace your 'Steve Miller'”

  1. Talk about people living in a total fantasy land: Anyone who doesn’t understand the scope and scale of Obama’s sell-out to anti-coal proponents has really overdosed on koolaid.

  2. I don’t like either one of them. Surely Steve Miller “the coal guy” is working for Mr. Obama. This person is saying to the EPA, please only shoot me in the leg, arm, foot, hand and if that doesn’t kill me, then shoot me in the heart.
    Good grief. Where do these people come from. Please save me from the compromises.

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