Hillary in 2012?

We’re not political prognosticators, but this one is irresistible.

Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell predicted today that Hillary Clinton would likely run for President in 2016 — coincidentally on the day that President Obama’s approval rating dropped below 40%.

We believe that Rendell’s comments are another Clinton “trial balloon” (remember those?) — signaling to Democrats that she’s ready to run now.

Like Shakespeare’s Richard III she wants to be perceived as being begged to run, even though it’s what she really wants.

No doubt she also feels that the only way the Democrats could toss out the first black president is to replace him with the first woman president.

There’s a reason she was on the other side of the world during the debt ceiling crisis, and it had nothing to do with peace on Earth.

Besides there’s no way Hillary would risk waiting until 2016 as Obama will have utterly destroyed the Democrat brand by then.

10 thoughts on “Hillary in 2012?”

  1. The best scenario would be for our spineless president to decide not to run so the party can have an open primary. I doubt that will happen and as the democrats themselves are mostly spineless I doubt they would ever mount a challenge fearing a 68 scenario that would fracture the party. The second best possible scenario would be for her to run as an independent with no party affiliation as an alternative to Obama and whoever the far right candidate is. Polls show A) that a majority of people now identify themselves as independent and polls also show B) that the public is disgusted with both parties. The independent scenario could work, it would save the democratic party from a backlash from the first black community. African Americans could be free to vote for their spineless leader and the rest of us could vote for a real leader who knows how to fight.

  2. They already have. Clarence Thomas? The problem is that the willing media piles on and buries the racism. All the while looking for racism in all the wrong places (the supposed Tea Party Racism, which has yet to be documented even in the age of cell phone cameras).

  3. Will be fun to see leftard WHITE PEOPLE attacking a BLACK MAN!!!!

    Wonder who they will get to lead the attack. Jackson? Sharpton? …? Will they have the guts to use his obvious Islamic leanings?? Can’t wait for the primaries if they go for it!! Should rip the current coalition to shreds!!

    As a certain leftard shrieked, YEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

  4. Well, 2016 she may have a chance. If Obama loses in 2012. I think her ship has sailed though, and while she may want to get in again, she has no chance of getting the nod.

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