Girls disproportionately harmed by climate change?

A new report from a UK “humanitarian” group says that third-world girls are disproportionately harmed by climate change.

The report says that,

Women and girls constitute 70% of the global poor and the combination of poverty and prescribed gender roles means that they are increasingly being affected by climate risks.

I suppose that girls would be disproportionately affected by “climate change” as 40 percent of the men and boys have apparently been displaced or killed off by something else.

Perhaps if the missing male problem could be solved (and curbing CO2 emissions is probably not the answer) then:

  • Girls would no longer be disproportionately affected; and
  • Poverty, which is their real problem, might be reduced.

Plan UK’s solution, instead, seems to be more along the lines of fundraising — because fattening the international kleptocracy has done so much for the world’s poor in the past.

5 thoughts on “Girls disproportionately harmed by climate change?”

  1. The misrepresentation of females relative to males is standard practice for the enviornmental left. I’ve never heard the explanation for this but I think its because females are their primary target market. It’s not bad math, it is done intentionally, I see this everywhere.

  2. “Women and girls constitute 70% of the global poor ” means that for every 70 women and girls, there are only 30 poor men and boys. What happened to the other 40 poor men and boys one should expect? It seems that the population of poor men and boys has ‘lost’ 40 out of 70, or 57%!

  3. 40% is correct. The population should be about 50% male. But if it’s only 30% male, then 40% of the expected males are missing.

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