Bachmann: Radical greens blocking energy development

“Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann claimed Saturday that the United States has more fuel resources than any other country, but blamed what she termed “radical environmentalists” for bottling up American energy policy, reports the Washington Post.

4 thoughts on “Bachmann: Radical greens blocking energy development”

  1. Even though she is correct, she will be derided and insulted by the MSM. Only partly because she is a skeptical Republican, but mostly because she is a woman that won’t back down to them. Conservative women, for some reason, really scare the liberals in this country.

  2. Maybe the Republicans can figure out energy policy is a winning strategy to defeat President Obama and the Senate next fall. Their strategy to reduce use of fossil fuels will make energy prices rise and stop businesses from expanding because of fear energy prices will make them non-competitive. Look at what Bayer in Germany has told the German government that electricity prices are too high.

    I recently thought I saw electricity in Germany was 40 cents per kwhr in 2011. I can’t remember the reference. I did go to Wikipedia and they have numbers for 2009 of 30.66 cents per kwhr while the 2009 costs in the U. S. was 11 cents per kwhr.

    The Republicans should state burning fossil fuels has an insignificant affect on global warming and we are going to develop our resources and generate millions of jobs and trillion of dollars in revenues through taxes and royalties.

    James H. Rust

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