Melting: Arctic sea ice scare

Global warming alarmism takes another hit.

“During the so-called Holocene Climate Optimum, from approximately 8000 to 5000 years ago, when the temperatures were somewhat warmer than today, there was significantly less sea ice in the Arctic Ocean, probably less than 50% of the summer 2007 coverage, which was absolutely lowest on record,” reports a new study in Science.

As summarized in the study’s media release:

For the last 10,000 years, summer sea ice in the Arctic Ocean has been far from constant. For several thousand years, there was much less sea ice in The Arctic Ocean – probably less than half of current amounts. This is indicated by new findings by the Danish National Research Foundation for Geogenetics at the University of Copenhagen…

Sea ice comes and goes without leaving a record. For this reason, our knowledge about its variations and extent was limited before we had satellite surveillance or observations from airplanes and ships. But now researchers at the Danish National Research Foundation for Geogenetics at the Natural History Museum of Denmark (University of Copenhagen) have developed a method by which it is possible to measure the variations in the ice several millennia back in time.

The results are based on material gathered along the coast of northern Greenland, which scientists expect will be the final place summer ice will survive, if global temperatures continue to rise.

Team leader Svend Funder… says, “Our studies also show that when the ice disappears in one area, it may accumulate in another. We have discovered this by comparing our results with observations from northern Canada. While the amount of sea ice decreased in northern Greenland, it increased in Canada. This is probably due to changes in the prevailing wind systems. This factor has not been sufficiently taken into account when forecasting the imminent disappearance of sea ice in the Arctic Ocean.”

Skeptical minds wonder, of course, why was it so warm 8,000 to 5,000 years ago…. neolithic coal plants?

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  1. So white man brought trees to America? I suppose there are also far more buffalo now than there were in the 1800’s There were 100,000,000 back then. The air is cleaner now. How about the water. I live near Lake Onterio. There used to be a huge fishing community here till it was fished out. We had 1,000 year old trees here since the Senica, etc. didn’t cut them down. I have pictures of this area from the 1800’s. All was farm land then. This is not historic? In the 1700’s there were still forests….

  2. JIMMY…
    A) None of these graphs tell the story you are trying to push. Now show me your poofs. Who tells you to believe in your view poit? Big oil, gas, coal and such or people who actually study the obvious observations such as National Geographic, NASA, European Space Agency, etc.
    B) How in the world could you believe, that somehow, there are more trees now than anytime in our history? The railroad destroyed the forest using logs for ties and fuel. Farmers clearcut the lands and loggers clearcut most everything else accept about the l;ast 5%., which if it were up to the timber industry, would disappear all to gether. There a very few Red Woods and Sequioa’s left.
    C) Your friend Rush “the magic Lepricon” is a shill for those who gain from natures consumption. Again, the Saudi Royal Family is a major owner of the F’x news(?) network and they want us to believe that the iceberg we are quickly sail toward is actually icecream.
    Planting trees is one of the best ways to help heal the EARTH. Cutting them down is one of the best way to destroy it.

  3. See the Earth RISING SEA escaping -map … derived from hidden bits from finn geology institution:

    Check out the blog

    The Leaked Top Secret NukEnvironmental Study

    Scientific Study: The Forest Status around 0lkiluoto Nuclear Station, Finland. University of Turku, Satakunta Environmental Center, Pori 1993. Declared as state secret, leaked 08.08.2011… The study is from 12 year period after Nuke plant startup, 1978-1991. One can only imagine the situation today. Our superman also photographed the mutated plants around this nuke station, see above. (NOTE: Finland has invested in its forestry last 200 years – having most stringend laws how the owners must keep their forests. If owner does not comply, the state will come and grow the forest and will charge the owner: thus theses scientific studies must fill mountains… no wonder this is state secret)

    Excerpts concerning the Nuke plant Island 26 test areas:
    Page 11: 1978-1991, 4km radius around the nuke plant, NATURAL background radiation increase, tritium etc, only 9800%. Mind u, no meltdown – yet. (Howabout today!?)
    Page 12. In central Europe, fir needle loss has been detected around many Nuclear Stations. Measured by injured fir twig, damage has been detected as far as 20km radius (12mile). Reichelt ja Kollert (1985) defined these to be result of Nuclear Station discharge pollution… (non visible, scentless neutron-radiated tritium etc air radiation via the nuke plume stacks … currently open to the heavens through Fukushima Daichii meltdown depopulation scheme).
    Page 19: Spruce has 21-40% needle loss, pine 11-20%
    Page 22: Various kinds of damage is up approx 25%
    Page 30: Lichen has visible or total loss in over 90% areas … the areas worsen visibly towards the (radiation source) Reactors.
    Page 37: the element substance content varied remarkably from the reference group in mid Finland: needle weight loss up to 81%, zinc, calsium, magnesium loss 50-80% (Please note that there exists also an official [TOP SECRET] english version of this study – demand it!) Special Thks to A L auri.

  4. Neal – Analysing your full post is nothing less than a waste of time. To wit, the very first sentence contains at least two factual errors:

    “Up until now, geologically speaking, the cycles of climate change could right itself, but, with the descimation of the northern forests and the southern hemispheres rainforest, this balancing can not be regained.”

    A. Global temperatures have been dropping for the past 15 years.

    b: There are far more flora (including trees) in the US now than there have been at any time during it’s history.

  5. tadchem? Have you heard of orbital perturbation? The eliptical orbit of the earth-sun system has two foci. Sometimes the northern hemisphere is closer to the sun for thousands of years and sometimes its farther away, as it is today. The ice ages really happened and they happened in cycles.
    Pauly…There are ways to study, effectively, the heating of this Earthly system. One is observing the adverage temperature of thousands of lakes using satelites that have been oriting and sampling for 40 years. Another is the northern movement of spiecies such as bees, trees and birds. Core sample of ice pacts go back 1,000,000 years and sediment sample go back much farther. Read up on the research. Don’t believe those who could gain from your ignorance.
    These techniques are easily observed by those with a reasoning mind. You I assume, are a sucker for the F”x news(?) network which is partly own by the Oil Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They want you to think science is politics. Your friend “Rush, the magic Limbo” said and I quote, “The heat index was made up by environmentalist to make people think that it is hotter than it really is.”, Actually this was put into place by the military during Viet Nam. We all know that you can’t trust the military scientist. Science, unlike politics, is up for peer review. Even Einstein accepted proof that he had made mistakes in his theory. Rush is a vacuous, ego-maniac who makes $400,000,000 over ten years to push the malevelance of the oil, coal, and gas companies, who by the way, are off shore and out of reach, both figuatively and physically. You mistake an iceberg for icecream, oh, lemming on the right. Silly me to fall for science over wishcraft…

  6. Neal,
    If you are seriously concerned, then don’t use a car, don’t live in a house made from wood, don’t use electricity, don’t use city water, don’t eat beef and don’t drink coffee. Unless you’re willing to feel the impact of what you preach, your statements mean nothing. Truth is you are contributing to the problem just like everyone else.

  7. Neal,
    Safety is overrated. Our species has only advanced by taking risks. Go hide under your bed if you wish, but the rest of us aren’t afraid of the phantom menace.

  8. “Skeptical minds wonder, of course, why was it so warm 8,000 to 5,000 years ago…. neolithic coal plants?”
    Did they have SUVs in Mohendo-Jaro or Harappa? Maybe the Vinca in the Danube Valley left their doors open with their air conditioners running.

  9. Up until now, geologically speaking, the cycles of climate change could right itself, but, with the descimation of the northern forests and the southern hemispheres rainforest, this balancing can not be regained. Trees get 80% of their mass from CO2 in the air. Destroy these trees by burning and not only do you release this CO2, but you also add huge quantities of soot to the atmosphere. Soot and dust landing landing on the glaciers and icecaps increases the melting and raises the sea level by warming the oceans which are becoming more acidic than they have been since the impact 65,000,000 years that ended the rein of the dinosaures. All of these influences are increasing. The ship is sinking and the crew is blaming those who seek the truth. Never trust those who find reasons to disreguard the true nature of a problem for their short term again. Remember, F”x News(?) is partly own be the Saudi Royal Family who just happen to be in the OIL BUSINESS and don’t want us to change course. There ship of gold will altimately sink into the depths and take us all with it.
    “Better to be safe than sorry!”

  10. They also go on to say in support of global warming by the way:
    . The lack of uniformity in past sea-ice changes, which is probably related to
    large-scale atmospheric anomalies such as the Arctic Oscillation, is not well reproduced in models. This needs to be further explored, as it is likely to have an impact on predictions of future sea-ice distribution.
    Global warming will probably cause the disappearance of summer sea ice in the Arctic Ocean during this century (1,2), and the ocean bordering North Greenland is expected to be the very last area to become icefree in summer

  11. It must have been due to the methane emissions of all the buffalo and other animals!! Note, they don’t tell us about methane levels in the ice cores!! 8>)

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