Polar bear-gate?

“A federal wildlife biologist whose observation in 2004 of presumably drowned polar bears in the Arctic helped to galvanize the global warming movement has been placed on administrative leave and is being investigated for scientific misconduct, possibly over the veracity of that article,” reports the Associated Press.

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  1. Not solely responsible, but a a significant factor. People tend to resort to hyperbole on this matter. Screens in windows were recommended as early as 1894, but it wasn’t until the 40s that malaria was truly extinguished in America and Western Europe

  2. Thank you for your reasoned reply. There have been cases of malaria in Central America recorded as late as 1947. If you choose to allow junk science to go unchallenged, your choice.
    I admit my station in life is a result of my decisions over a life time and fault no one but me. I feel just fine applying the same standards to other people, governments etc. I think Dr. Carlson choose to lie and if I had my way her home, which in the national register of historic buildings would be torn down and her name recorded in history as the fraud she was.
    However, I am not in charge so I think we can agree to disagree. You are more thoughtful than most.

  3. Why don’t you do your own investigation if one sentence is not enough. You can support/depute or whatever, but this support of non-scientific “research” by innuendo and name calling makes you folks look inept.
    As a very old TV program star used to say, “just the facts, just the facts”

  4. Denis,
    I haven’t said one word in praise of Carson, much less do I worship at her alter. The fact that she was a fraud doesn’t make her solely responsible for all malaria deaths since the 1972 DDT ban. DDT wasn’t used as an insecticide until after 1939. Malaria had been removed from the USA, Western Europe, Panama and other areas long before 1939. Also, the USA and other places have remained malaria free without the use of DDT for decades. Clearly, you don’t have to use DDT to stop malaria.

    As I said before, it’s sad that we don’t use DDT. It is probably the most cost effective weapon against malaria known to man. Even so, claiming that Carson is responsible for malaria deaths since the ban is a half truth at best. It’s as misleading as any of the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Deception) used by environmentalists.

  5. One sentence is all you could manage? I would like to share this info with my FB and local newspaper, but this is inadequate. I cannot share such a poor excuse for journalism, sorry.

  6. I think you need to check the time line of the introduction of DDT into world wide use and the decrease in malaria. Yes there many many causes of the decrease in malaria in the US, like screens in windows and doors. When were screens in windows and doors introduced into Bangladesh? Rachael Carlson and her phony research are directly related to Malaria deaths today around the world. If you doubt this argument, go ask the people that live in the most malaria affected countries if they would allow DDT to be used to kill mosquitoes?
    Last but not least. If you want to worship at the alter of Carlson you are welcome to do so. If you are interested in the truth look at the research done on her research and tell me the conclusions drawn by real science. That means results that can be reproduced over and over and over. Show me the money! Thanks Dennis

  7. Jake, I think you mean Yellow Fever as well as malaria. If you are refering to the work at the canal zone during its construction. The effort reduced the number of deaths from 21,000 when the french had the project to about 5,000 during the american construction.

  8. PAR FOR THE COURSE…these guys dont get the big money grants for being honest!!

    check the realness thehamblogggerman.blogspot.com

  9. Carson may be a fraud but blaming her for malaria deaths is absurd. Malaria was expunged from Panama without the use of a single drop of DDT. I’m pretty sure malaria was controlled in the USA and Western Europe long before DDT was used as an insecticide. You can get rid of malaria without using DDT.

    DDT is great stuff. It’s sad that we don’t widely use one of the most cost effective tools for fighting malaria. This business of blaming malaria deaths on Rachael Carson is pure bullshit. Junk Science is famous for exposing deceptive science. Let’s lay this Carson half-truth to rest.

  10. It really hurts me when “so call scientific research that was fabricated” is called into question. Remember Rachel Carlson and the death of DDT. Her fabricated research has caused the death of an (estimated) 500,000,000 million people caused by malaria spread by female mosquitoes?

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