Obama to spend $67 million to store 0.00042% of global CO2 emissions

What federal spending crisis?

The Obama Energy Department is giving Montana State $67 million for a pilot project to bury one million tons of carbon dioxide over eight years in underground rock formations.

As annual global emissions are about 30 billion tons (and growing!), the so-called Big Sky Carbon Sequestration Project will then wind up injecting 0.00042% of global CO2 emissions over that period. We’re feeling cooler already.

It appears as though this fraud-on-the-taxpayer began in June 2005 with a $14.2 million dollar grant that touted potential storage of as much as 60 billion tons of CO2.

So taxpayer costs are increasing 471% while promises are being cut by 99.998%. Such a deal!

2 thoughts on “Obama to spend $67 million to store 0.00042% of global CO2 emissions”

  1. Carbon Dioxide is .00032% of our earths atmosphere. At this point in time Carbon Dioxide is 325 ppm in our atmosphere. Oh by the way, do y’all remember the researcher, a couple three days ago, that claimed more water vapor in the atmosphere from flooding in the US would lead to more rain and snow all caused by global warming from fossil fuel burning? Did she mean water vapor is a cause of global warming?

    I think the call still goes out to our friends who resent mankind being on earth to back up their statements with science. Show me the evidence.
    Thanks Dennis

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