Obama threatens veto of EPA budget cuts

President Obama said today that he would veto appropriations legislation that,

… undermines ongoing conservation, public health, and environmental protection efforts through funding limits or restrictions…

Legislation cutting EPA’s budget by 18% and delaying some of its regulatory oppression will be considered by the full House as early as Saturday.

Contrary to Obama’s assertion, this legislation only undermines EPA’s ability to wreck the American economy.

Don’t forget to check out Steve Milloy’s related op-ed in today’s Washington Times, “Show us the bodies, EPA.”

3 thoughts on “Obama threatens veto of EPA budget cuts”

  1. OK, Obama vetoes the EPA appropriation because it cuts the appropriation by 18%.

    Can Obama think more than one move ahead? After the veto, the appropriation is zero. Am I the only one that thinks this would be a good thing?

    Oh! please don’t throw me into that breir patch!

  2. Been reading “Reckless Endangerment” about our housing bubble and how Fannie Mae’s leader created it under the guise of “affordable housing” while filling his own pockets. The same techniques he used are common in the “Seat of Government” to thwart any plans by Congress to rein in any agency. Scary!

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