More excuse-making for lack of warming

As even climate alarmists are forced to acknowledge the absence of warming over the last 15 or so years, their excuse-making machine is kicking into high gear.

As we reported 10 days ago, a study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences blamed manmade cooling for offsetting manmade warming, thereby allowing natural variation to takeover driving the climate — whatever.

Now comes a new study in Science blaming volcanic activity, coal burning and forest fires for offsetting alarmist-predicted, greenhouse gas-induced warming.

The researchers conclude that,

Future changes in stratospheric aerosols are unknown since the frequency and intensity of minor volcanic eruptions may be greater or less than in the past decade (Fig. 1), and future trends in anthropogenic SO2 emissions as well as their ability to contribute to the stratospheric aerosol layer remain uncertain… The changes in the stratospheric aerosol layer have probably affected the observed rates of decadal warming over the past decade, highlighting the importance of the variable stratospheric aerosol layer for past and future decadal climate predictability.

At last we agree with the alarmists — climate change is a complex and unpredictable phenomenon. Case closed.

5 thoughts on “More excuse-making for lack of warming”

  1. For the thesis to represent reality than the Northern hemisphere, where the aerosols are, should be cooler than the Southern hemishere, which without aerosols, should be warming. Such is not the case.

    There for the theses is negated; and once again phony, pseudo-Science for Warmist Liars, who can figure, is manifest.

  2. Hard to believe this got into print. I suspect there will be a computer model coming soon to ‘prove’ that “future changes to atmospheric aerosols” are now known.

    Just waiting for the grant to be approved.

  3. Where are all these reporters and eco-fascists getting their info from when they claim 2010 was the warmest year on record? I understood that warming stopped after 1998 but is that troposphere warming or surface warming?

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