JunkScience.com greets Huntsman, RINOs at dinner

The RINO group Republicans for Environmental Protection held its second annual dinner last night, featuring “Republican” presidential candidate Jon Huntsman. You won’t want miss JunkScience.com’s pre-dinner welcome wagon…

And the RINOs weren’t too happy about our welcome wagon.

If you want to read more about the Republicans for Environmental Protection, check out Steve Milloy’s Washington Times column from September 28, 2010.

The JunkScience.com protest of the RINO meet-n-graze was covered by the Chicago Tribune and Politico.

6 thoughts on “JunkScience.com greets Huntsman, RINOs at dinner”

  1. “…Republicans for Environmental Protection is actually conservative. Their views are informed by the genuine conservatism…”

    I’m not so sure. When I emailed REP’s Jim DiPeso in June 2010 to find out what his opinion was of the NIPCC 2009 Report which is an 880 page rebuttal of the IPCC reports, he replied (and I quote verbatim): “The NIPCC report was published by the Heartland Institute, which is not a science research institute but an advocacy organization with a political agenda, which raises red flags on the report’s scientific rigor and objectivity. I recommend reading “Advancing the Science of Climate Change,” published this year by the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences.”

    That is exactly what we would all expect from a far-left enviro-activist spokesperson. I sent a follow-up email to Mr DiPeso to point out that the publisher of such reports is irrelevant when the citations are made within it to peer-reviewed papers published in science journals entirely independent of Heartland. Then I asked more simply what his reaction was to the collective existence of such science reports, and how he would advise me to proceed if the initial red flags are knocked down about the scientific rigor and objectivity of the science papers cited in reports like the NIPCC – how do I explain, for example, the contradiction between one side citing an unprecedented recent warming and the other side’s proof of the worldwide Medieval Warm Period through what appears to be dozens of peer-reviewed science journal-published papers?

    He did not reply.

  2. Unlike Milloy, Republicans for Environmental Protection is actually conservative. Their views are informed by the genuine conservatism of Edmund Burke and Russell Kirk–as were Ronald Reagan’s. Real conservatism requires us to be responsible stewards and pass on a better world to our children and grandchildren.

    Milloy subscribes to an “if it feels good, do it” philosphy that is no different than was espoused by the hippies of the 1960s. The vices are different, but the ideas are ust as liberal. He is he real RINO, not REP.

  3. I have come to understand that any politician who will answer a question directly is a small government man or woman. That, among other things like the Fair Tax caused me to start listening to Herman Cain. I wonder what others think of their favorite politician?

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