EPA: Don't breathe!

The EPA has (inadvertently?) hit upon a new means of reducing CO2 emissions.

Yesterday the agency issued a media release entitled “EPA Tips to Be Cool and Safe this Summer / Limit the heat and the sun, but not the fun.”

Putting aside the question of whether it is within the EPA’s jurisdiction to protect us from the sun, the agency warns:

8. Check the Air Quality Index. On hot summer days, ozone levels can rise making the air unhealthy to breathe so be sure to check the air quality index before heading outside.

But ozone levels never reach per se “unhealthy” levels in 21st century America. The “worst” air in America today meets the over-protective EPA air quality standards the vast majority of the time. No one’s health is endangered by simply breathing even the “worst” of today’s ambient air.

Given that the EPA keep tightening air quality standards based on ever-dubious ozone chamber studies, one can easily imagine the day when the EPA recommends that we all simply stop breathing.

Imagine all the CO2 emissions avoided.

6 thoughts on “EPA: Don't breathe!”

  1. The real cause of global warming is all of the hot air emitted by environmentalists. If they would shut up, we’d be in another ice age.

  2. Poor poor enviro wackos. their one sided propaganda neve radmits th epossibility of anyhting they recommedned as making any differnce at all.

    They refuse to hear the great news that the US Air Quality now meets the definiton of Clean Air in every county in the US on Earth Day in 1970. Success?? C’est impossibile!

    But by today’s tougher rulees, there are still a few counties that have work to do,

    Are there any rivers that are genuinelly polluted, open sewers, like there were in 1970. Nope!

  3. So happens your logical ending comports precisely with the Car Alarm Gore’s wish, just as it does with those of all his predecessors-in-“thought”: get rid of homo sapiens!

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