Action item: Stop EPA in debt ceiling deal

If you want the EPA reined in, you need to take action now.

Riders to block EPA from regulating greenhouse gases and over-regulating other air emissions have yet to be discussed as part of the ongoing debt ceiling negotiations, reports Environment and Energy Daily:

The Senate’s top Republican negotiator on the debt ceiling said the issue of EPA regulations has not even come up.

“I’m not talking about what we’ve discussed, but I guess I could say we haven’t discussed that,” Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) said earlier this week.

Still there is hope:

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) hinted to reporters that it might be part of the debt ceiling bill, while House Energy and Commerce Chairman Fred Upton (R-Mich.) vowed that the EPA regulations issue “is not going away.”

“No debt limit is going to pass by itself,” Upton said. “You’ll have to have some significant pieces with it.”

The only way out of our budget crisis is through economic growth. By choking off energy supplies and making energy more expensive needlessly, the EPA is blocking that growth. At no time in human history has significant economic growth ever occurred without cheap and free-flowing energy.

If you live in a district or state with a Republican or “moderate” Democrat in Congress, you need to e-mail/call/write/visit them and demand that reining in the EPA be part of any deal.

At a minimum, visit and, find your representatives in Congress and demand action on EPA.

Do it now. Save our economy. Save our country. Save yourself. Death to EPA over-regulation!

11 thoughts on “Action item: Stop EPA in debt ceiling deal”

  1. “let Obama waste our economy via EPA writ.”

    And then, when the power plants and factories and sewage processing plants and water reservoirs and half of the car manufacturers have been shut down and sold off and disassembled, we can change the law and say “I told you so”?

    I think we need to just preserve as much of the necessary infrastructure as we possibly can until someone can take Ms. Jackson out along with the rest of her “let’s bring the U.S.A. back into pre-industrial times” murderers.

    This is baraq’s plan – he sits up on top attracting all of the hate and venom, stalling things as long as he can while his appointees try to ruin as much as they can, as quickly as they can. I suspect Lisa Jackson’s idea of success at this point will be if she can shut down enough of what’s made our lives possible so that our population drops to about half of our present number.

  2. Maybe this is one thing that we should just let play out…let Obama waste our economy via EPA writ. Then when the fallout is over, there is no way he could get re-elected even with his legions of dead zombies literally voting for him.

    We know this ruins the economy, Obama thinks its “good for the economy” let him ruin himself….its not like he wouldn’t try to implement his ideas in another method anyway, and if you push it back, might as well give him the election…the higher the unemployment rate on election day, the more Americans who will probably not vote for this fool.

    I am not for seeing our economy going down the tubes, but on the other hand some people have to suffer to learn.

  3. Me, too. Write my congresspeople, that is. Obama almost certainly disobey the law and try to implement the wilder EPA policies by executive order, as he did with Cap and Trade.

    He’s already committed impeachable offenses, though. Now if we can just find enough congresspeople with sufficient balls to play ping pong . . . .

  4. I will get to doing what Like to do and that is write my reps in the congress and the senate . I have done this before but it is worthy of a do over again . yes I will write each one of them .

  5. Steve, I agree. I was merely cautioning not to be overly optomistic. And the SCOTUS cannot always be counted on to come up with good rulings.

  6. Unfortunately, these days, “unambiguous law” is an oxymoron.

    Something odd… I tried to post this and the blog software said it was a duplicate comment.

  7. We must work within the system. An unambiguous law would ultimately be enforced by the Supreme Court.

  8. It would be a nice time to try to limit the EPA, but do you really think the Obama administration would hold to it? They do not follow or enforce existing laws. There is no indication they would follow this one either.

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