UN underscores arbitrariness of chemical bans

Canada and the Ukraine successfully blocked the banning of chrysotile asbestos from the UN’s politically incorrect list of chemicals that can be banned from import as hazardous. The two countries argued that chrysotile asbestos shouldn’t be banned because it can be handled safely. Of course, there’s not a chemical on the Rotterdam list that can’t be handled and/or used safely. Chemical bans are arbitrary, silly and harmful.

2 thoughts on “UN underscores arbitrariness of chemical bans”

  1. I anxiously await the day that the Department of Health and Human Services / National Institute of Health makes the earth-shaking discover that radioactive carbon-14 is one of the most potent carcinogens.
    C-14 is potent because carbon becomes incorporated *directly* into DNA.
    The only known commonality to all cancers is mutations in the nuclear DNA.
    About 1 part-per-billion of the carbon in our food is C-14, and when a radioactive carbon atom in our DNA decays, it has a 100% chance of causing a mutation.
    The only way to produce food that is free of C-14 is to grow it in greenhouses that have 100% of the carbon dioxide produced by burning fossil fuels or by the action of acid rain on carbonate rocks.
    To ‘protect’ people from C-14-produced cancers, the NIH will have to ban all organic foods.

  2. And all you hear on USA tv are advertizements by bottom feeding lawyers trying to drum up more asbestos law suits

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