Environmental Protection (Or Propaganda?) Agency

JunkScience.com friends Paul Driessen and Willie Soon nail the EPA in today’s Investor’s Business Daily:

If Federal Register notices, press releases and activist campaigns assured progress, the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed rules for 84 power plant pollutants would usher in vastly improved environmental quality and human health.

Unfortunately, the opposite is likelier…

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One thought on “Environmental Protection (Or Propaganda?) Agency”

  1. EPA no longer has much reason to exist. Water and air are cleaner than ever. They could safely be cut to the bone to merely monitor current trends of safer and safer water and air. Oh but wait!! That would mean a lot of GS-15’s and above would have to get real jobs. OH NO!! The horror of it! OMG! I guess they’ll have to put a stop to that, eh?

    So let’s move the goal posts and even invent some new boogey men to defend against. It’s the American (government) way, after all.

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