Cosmic rays as climate driver: The Svensmark Effect demonstrated

Not that climate skeptics are under any obligation whatsoever to explain whatever climate change is occurring, but a new study demonstrates that cosmic rays, as affected by the Sun, can affect cloud formation so as to have a much greater impact on global climate than CO2. Click for the full story — only on

2 thoughts on “Cosmic rays as climate driver: The Svensmark Effect demonstrated”

  1. CO2 levels are driven by climate, not the other way around. This has been known historically for a very long time. The recent spate of bad weather is directly related to the increased sunspot/solar activity cycle we are going through and even that affects weather rather unpredictably. While the science is pretty simple the prediction of effect is not. Only large profits from and for climate nannies seem to be able to foist garbage science on the public in ways that continue to generate profit and folowers/sheep.

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