5 thoughts on “Honey, I shrunk the carbon markets…”

  1. Thankfully, the Goretype BS is fading as people wake-up to the hustlers of junk science that cost us hundreds of $billions, limit our freedom, and on and on.

  2. Media should be corrected when they say “carbon” instead of carbon dioxide.Why? Is the word dioxide just too difficult? Not enough room on the page? It’s because people think of black soot when you say carbon,not the beneficial ,colorless,odorless,trace gas that is carbon dioxide.Don’t let the warmists control the issue by distorting the language.

  3. fraud . ???? the only fraud has been the fraud of the powers that be . fraaud on a grand scale .
    also they forgot to mention : junk science ,: climate depot: CFACT: friends of science : and many many more good people who are fighting a very good fight for truth .

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