Poll: Gambling an infectious disease?

Which of the following is not like the others?

  • Gambling
  • HIV
  • Smallpox

If you picked “gambling”, you’d be out of step with the journal The Lancet Infectious Diseases which is apparently trying to medicalize politically incorrect social behavior with this new study. BTW, HIV and smallpox were the subjects of the other two stories spotlighted in the journal’s media release.

What do you think?

7 thoughts on “Poll: Gambling an infectious disease?”

  1. “Public health” is a code word, one of several root passwords to the constitution. Invoking it allows political authoritarians to forcibly address issues for which they have absolutely no delegated authority under a republican system of government. For the same reason, the same people have attempted for years to make gun ownership a “public health problem” (see the famous quote from CDC Dr. Mark Rosenberg), and it is for the same reason that organized gun owners have never let them.

  2. It might not be infectious like a cold or flu, but the infection of gambling addiction reaches far and wide, harming people who come in contact with the gambler’s dishonest and deceitful ways. The effects can last a lifetime, long after the gambler has moved on to other targets.

  3. People die from gambling addiction. Sidewalks house them. No laws protect children and families from a gambler. They steal to gamble. Casinos just warn them not to abuse gambling. They must report themselves to be banned from casinos. A joke. Look at the patrons cars.. then look at the owners Hummers. Indian Chiefs wont speak with families of the addicted. Is this karma or what? I am about to forfeit my Indian adoption citizenship. I am no longer proud. But look closely; the casinos own much more than you will ever imagine. Do they own this site? I will see if this post is printed.

  4. Jennifer that may be true but gambling can’t be infectious. I won’t become a gambling addict by shaking hands with a gambler or sitting beside one on the bus.

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