Tims of the day: House frosh oppose budget deal because EPA riders removed

Hats off to Reps. Tim Scott (R-South Carolina) and Tim Huelskamp (R-Kansas) for voting against last Friday’s budget deal because the riders blocking EPA from regulating greenhouse gases were dropped. According to Climatewire, Scott, Huelskamp and probably others among the 28 House GOP who voted against the deal believed that restricting EPA was a “critical” component of the budget effort.

2 thoughts on “Tims of the day: House frosh oppose budget deal because EPA riders removed”

  1. This is a monster fighting for its life. There are thousands of bureaucrats and people selling goods and services involved in the existence of the EPA. They will not go quietly into the night. All these silly assed rules about BPA, DDT, CO2, etc., etc. are nothing more than fund raisers to reinvigorate the monster.

  2. Reining in a rogue Agency, in one of the the most important jobs that Congress can do.

    The EPA, founded by Republicans and Democrats in 1970, was chartered to assist in the cleanup of the Nation’s Air, Land and Waters. It has taken 41 years but that job is almost completed by Today’s magnified standards. It is actually fully completed by the rules of Earth Day in 1970.

    We should be planning a National Celebration, a national Holiday, “Victory for the Environment”, or VE Day. We should be celebrating the discipline and American exceptionalism. America is the first, and so far only country that has cleaned its environment, even in the most industrialized country in the world.

    Instead we have a bunch of crackpots, highly placed in the EPA, and threatening to destroy all the progress we have made, with their nouveau-Druid, Gaian Religion. They are using their ridiculous taxing and mandating campaign, to attempt to return America to the Stone Age, in the quest for the Noble Savage, that never was, and never can be.

    It is past time to demobilize, to clean house, to chop the bureaucracy down to size needed for maintenance, to fire the crackpots and leave the much smaller EPA to merely maintain what we have fought this cleanup Environmental War, to achieve.

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