Obama rules to raise power prices 25% in Southeast

President Obama’s vow to make energy prices skyrocket will soon come true for ratepayers in the Southeast.

In testimony before the House Energy and Commerce subcommittee hearing concerning the EPA’s new emissions rules for power plants, industrial boilers and cement kilns, Southern Company CEO Thomas Fanning said that his company would need to spend up to $4.1 billion over the next three years to comply with new EPA rules — costs that would translate into a 25 percent rise in electricity prices for its customers in the Southeast, according to Environment and Energy News.

5 thoughts on “Obama rules to raise power prices 25% in Southeast”

  1. Short of impeachment, this sorry-excuse for a president needs to GO!!….. Defund all of this crap NOW!….
    Just remember , the Ilinski (sp??) model, prescribes that one must orchestrate the collapse of the overall system, with the peoples assist and approval. We had all better wake up and rid ourselves of this pestilence come next election. Just hope we’ve not passed the tipping point, folks.

  2. So they want us to change our light bulbs, separate our trash, drive less, get more efficient cars, insulate our homes so we save $10s of dollars while then slapping taxes on us that will cost us $100s if not $1000s in bogus taxes.

    So what was the point of changing to CFLs again?

  3. Does the EPA offer any evidence that the mercury discharged into the environment actually results in harm to human health or the environment? Does the EPA list the number of illnesses directly related to this mercury discharge? If not, then the rule should fail. It won’t.

    Mercury was the tool to assault coal use before CO2. It is now being picked up again.

  4. The people working for EPA in Washington are numerous and don’t have enough to do. Therefore, they have to dream up new regulations on what we eat and breath to keep busy. This assault on our power companies is the start to force the country to abandon the use of fossil fuels. Let EPA employees clean the streets of Washington and accomplish something worthwhile.

    Mercury is one of the polllutants being challenged. Paul Dreissen in his recent article “And the beat-down goes on” noted Cambridge University calculated the annual discharge of mercury into the atmosphere by all sources is 9100 tons. The annual discharge from the U. S. power industry is 41 tons. Thus, at a cost of tens of billions of dollars, the power industry will eliminate mercury from its stack discharge that won’t be noticed. Naturally China which consumes three times the amount of coal as the United States. won’t have the EPA telling them what to do. China will laugh as more jobs come to their country because of cheaper electric power costs.

    In Georgia our current residential electricity rate is $0.12 per kw-hr. If this has to increase to $0.15 per kw-hr in the next few years, I hope our citizens will wake up an let their feelings vent at the ballot box.

    James H. Rust

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