51 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, JunkScience.com!”

  1. Congratulations Steve! Yours was the first site I discovered when I decided to investigate the merits and demerits of Climate Science over 6 years ago. At that time I didn’t know a “Hockey Stick” from a broom. Many demerits later I have learned enough to get a peer reviewed paper published last year helping to debunk the water vapor feedback fantasy. Thank you for getting me started!!!

  2. Directed your way by WUWT. Duly (and gratefully) bookmarked to my FACTS folder. Happy Birthday!

  3. Another one over from WattsUp! (I do call by occasionally, but hadn’t realised the anniversary was due.) Congratulations, keep up the good work and here’s to the next 15 years!

  4. Congrats! You are doing great work! I always look forward to your take on the latest green spinning. You, Watts, and ACSH are my go-to sites these days for a dose of reality. Thanks for all the effort – it is much appreciated. (Loved your book, Junk Science Judo, btw.)

  5. Irregular reader would like to thank the bright folks who allow me to keep things straight. Thanks and good luck on another 15 at least.

  6. Congratulations on 15 years. Your website is invaluable! I’m not a regular reader, but when I come across something that does not ‘smell right’ I visit here to learn what probably is really going on!

  7. Yea!!! I praise you to whom ever I discuss science with. The food industry is as bad as the envirnoment.

  8. So you are entering blog puberty just as the AGW people hit mental and emotional mannopause. This is going to be even more interesting than it has been!
    Congrats from another WUWT hanger-on.

  9. Lo, these many years ago, when I first became attached to the Intertubes, I read about a site called JunkScience. As so much of what I was reading about science was junk, I had a look.
    That’s when I first learned to ‘bookmark’.
    I have been an avid fan ever since.
    Heartiest congratulations, my best wishes and I hope that you continue to prosper. Your site is an Intertubes Institution!

  10. Congratulations and Happy 15th!! Your friends at WUWT tip our hats to you! May you have many more, and thanks for your vigilance!

  11. Congratulations!! (Anthony sent me but I was coming anyway!)

    I have been reading your site and Numberwatch (John Brignell) for many years!

  12. Congratulations, Steve! Keep deconstructing the alarmists’ lies. You’re doing a great job, hang in there. We’re winning because of sites like yours, Anthony’s, CA and others. We’re getting the word out. Drip, drip… it’s having an effect; you can tell by the squeals of outrage from the warmist contingent.

  13. Way to go, Steve! As a “lurker” (and occasional poster) I’ve been following you for a long time. I also resend many of your reports out to those on my climate database of roughly 15,ooo which includes the likes of the Heartland Institute and other organizations. I also send them out on my political database of roughly 11,000. I’ve never had an unsubscribe.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

    Jack Koenig, Editor
    The Mysterious Climate Project

  14. Thank you for the tools to push back the deniers who refuse to accept anything other than the lie

  15. Appropriate birthday. A lot of “science” needs to be exposed as foolishness.
    Then again, some stuff we have long thought foolishness seems to be true.

  16. Here’s to you and your team, Steve, and looking forward to another 15 years of great and timely information!

  17. Here’s to another 15 and many more! Keep up the great work! JunkScience has been a godsend to the world over.


  18. Congratulations to a website which was crucial for my awareness of the existence of junk science! When I (no memory how) first hit this site I was simply shocked. My beloved science should harbor fraud as well as honesty? There should be a distinction between science and something called junk science? All this started a long fascinating journey which led me to concede, yes, you are right. There is indeed a lot of this, and there are parts of science, which are hard to distinguish from superstition. But this is a challenge, and your website is in the forefront of our struggle to keep science truly scientific.
    Thank you, sirs!

  19. Congratulations to Steve Milloy and JunkScience.com – You’ve been a true pioneer who helped people get beyond the hype and headlines, to see what was really supported by science and what claims were not supported. Your leadership was vital in getting the word out on many important topics, when there were so much misinformation being spread by the old biased media and agenda-driven extremist groups.

    Thank you very much for your enormous contributions toward people making better decisions, based upon better science-based information.

  20. Happy Birthday!

    You’ve now entered the twilight zone of stroppy teenage-hood. That means your efforts here will be doubly and triply annoying to those you so gloriously debunk, and serve them right!

  21. I probably do not make anywhere the maximum use of this wonderful resource. The “100 Things to Know about DDT” is an icon of the kind of good things JunkScience provides. Ever year our school has the Seniors read Carson’s Silent Spring and I direct the students to Junk Science.com.


  22. Steve,

    Congratulations on your energy, persistence, sheer bloody-mindedness and, of course, your 15th birthday, from one of the many UK fans of Anthony Watts. Sigh. I guess I’ll just have to be one of YOUR fans now, too…………..

  23. Happy Birthday to the site that helped me end arguments for 15 years. I’d put candles on a cake for you but I understand the EPA has now banned all candles and the FDA has outlawed cake icing.

  24. As I posted at Watts:

    Junkscience.com isn’t 100% right, but you’re usually more right than the people you blast. At the very least, you make us ask questions, and questioning the universe is what science is supposed to be about.

    ‘Grats to Milloy.

  25. Steve,
    Congrats on your 15th. Your work is deeply appreciated. You have made a huge difference in making my projects possible. Thank you.

  26. Yes Steve, I think I’ve been with you for about 14 of those years. Long March towards the days of slaughter and the tumbrils

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