Fred Krupp doesn't listen to himself…

… so why should anyone else?

Greenwire reported this afternoon that,

Environmental groups have too often approached climate change politics with an air of disdain for their opponents, and that must change if major federal legislation is going to advance, the president of the Environmental Defense Fund said yesterday.

With neither a comprehensive energy policy nor a carbon cap-and-trade bill moving in Congress, EDF President Fred Krupp said advocates must reassess their strategy and perhaps adopt a less arrogant approach that takes into account all sides of the global warming debate.

There has to be a lot of shrillness taken out of our language,” Krupp said yesterday, during Fortune magazine’s Brainstorm Green conference here. [Emphasis added].

Then Krupp went on to shriek:

“”This is the first time in four decades that there’s been an attack on the Clean Air Act.”

Krupp is apparently referring to the bipartisan effort in Congress to block the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act — which of course is not an attack on the Clean Air Act. It is an effort to strip the out-of-control agency from its self-proclaimed and controversial authority under the Act with respect to greenhouse gases only.

There is no effort to rollback Clean Air Act with respect to conventional pollutants — i.e., the pollutants that the Clean Air Act was enacted to regulate.

As they did in 1995, the EPA, enviros and allied media are now tying to paint any effort to rein the EPA as an attack on public health. This is not true. This is a lie.

Can the enviros really become less arrogant? They would need to start by telling the truth which, as evidenced by Krupp, is an existential impossibilty.

One thought on “Fred Krupp doesn't listen to himself…”

  1. Krupp’s job is to raise money. He can’t do his job unless there is a crisis. He has to be shrill and create one. Get on the mailing list of the earth savior groups and see just how shrill and ugly they are in the pursuit of $$. Anyone look at how much money folks like Krupp get paid to save the earth?

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