Study: Greens’ red tape costs GDP, jobs

A first-of-its kind study from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce reports that stalled energy projects are costing the New York economy $36.2 Billion and More Than 60,000 Jobs. (Progress Denied: A Study on the Potential Economic Impact of Permitting Challenges Facing Proposed Energy Projects).

2 thoughts on “Study: Greens’ red tape costs GDP, jobs”

  1. It would take days to evaluate this report so my comments may not be fair.

    I looked at Alaska and Georgia. For Alaska there were no projects to produce more oil on land or off shore. Also no plans to send Alaska’s huge amounts of natural gas doown to Canada or the lower 48 states..Many projects appeared to be wind projects of dubious value.

    For Georgia our biggest energ project is building two new nuclear power plants by Georgia Power. I have read nothing about this project being delayed beyound Georgia Power’s planned work schedule. One plant being delayed is an ethanol from corn plant which our state’s operating history has shown to be a work that will go bankrupt. Adding capacity to Elba Island LNG facility, which was built for imports, doesn’t seem to be of much importance with the new finds of natural gas in the country.

    The Chamber of Commerce should rewrite the report and separate the junk that is due to unnecessary renewable energy projects that will add to the nation’s national debt.

    James Rust

  2. When will they face the fact that all of this “alternative power” and “green energy” stuff is crap compared to burning carbon in one form or another? It is just that simple.

    Life itself is based on burning carbon. CO2 is a trace gas in air and insignificant by definition. The Vostock core studies show CO2 rises follow temperature rises which mean CO2 is not the driver. It is just that simple.

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