Recall the Surgeon General

Surgeon General Regina Benjamin said today it was appropriate for West Coast residents to buy iodide tablets as a precaution in light of the unfolding nuclear disaster in Japan.

This is ridiculous. Americans will not be exposed to significant amounts of radiation from Japan and so there is no need to scare people.

I’m not sure whether she’s just scaring people in order to help kill off nuclear power in the U.S. or whether she is really that ignorant. But whichever, Regina Benjamin needs to go.

8 thoughts on “Recall the Surgeon General”

  1. This is all part of the system of control. This is how semi-totalitarian states opertate. They want you frightened & more importantly, ignorant of business methods, science & technology, common sense, etc. That way once you’re firghtened you will look to BIGGUVMENT to solve your worries & ills! It’s all very simple really. The Nazis new all about fear & control & used it perfectly for their own purposes!

  2. This is more than just scaring people unnecessarily. Some people are allergic to KI and it can have other adverse effects on people’s health. So the SG is not only not helping, she is harming, contrary to the Hippocratic oath.

  3. Kind of reminds me of the whole flu thing. It certainly is easy to spread fear among the government under educated masses.

  4. The Surgeon General office should be added to the list of offices and departments to eliminate.

  5. The media and socialists in the administration need to advance the fear in the people to show that they are legends in their own minds. Obama plays golf and works on his Brackets while Rome burns. He could care less about Japan, the Middle East and the rising deficit. This is the man that the ‘sheeple’ put in charge. We need to say NO CONFIDENCE loud enough for him to hear!

  6. All part of the usual scaremonger tactic we see now with any international incident. Good to see the POTUS is on the job, however.

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