Oregon Dems attack climate skeptic’s children

Democrat-run Oregon State University is apparently retaliating against climate skeptic and Republican congressional candidate Dr. Art Robinson by taking action without cause against his three graduate student children.

Robinson put together the petition against climate alarmism signed by 31,000+ U.S. scientists and unsuccessfully challenged Rep. Peter DeFazio in OR-4 last year.

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6 thoughts on “Oregon Dems attack climate skeptic’s children”

  1. The department is not just Nuclear Engineering, it’s Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Health Physics. The Nuke Engr side of the house is, as you would expect, fairly conservative and not politically active. The “Health Physics” side is pretty much loaded up with politically correct, green bs, and the department head is from that side of the house.
    Your skepticism is misplaced.

  2. The department heads have been briefed on the case because it was about to go public. Not sure about professors and other staff.

  3. Heard about this story on the radio from a Pittsburgh based syndacated show called “The Warroom” w/ Quinn & Rose. This story, if it is as told, should open OSU & the “climate change” fraudsters to both criminal & civil litigation. This case is a clear abuse of power & this story should be national. Also, it’s nice to see the truth about the “tollerent” lefties that have no tollerence for opposing views.

  4. I asked a professor down there to see if he had heard anything about this. If it is happening it is happening very quietly. OSUs response was less than forthcoming, but at the same time engineering schools aren’t exactly hotbeds of political activity, ESPECIALLY Nuclear Engineering Schools. Something doesn’t smell right with the story. I can’t say it didn’t happen. It just doesn’t jibe with the nature of Nuclear Engineers (We aren’t exactly the most liberal of people).

  5. I call on all Oregon State Alumna to stop all donations to this outrageous excuse for a Univertsity. And all Oregon Beaver Fans to give your heart to the Ducks until this outrage is is reversed!

  6. How sad, and anger producing to me, that this frivolous issue that is AGW, has captured so many fools.

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