3 thoughts on “Steve Milloy talks EPA on FOX Business”

  1. Steve is right – the only way to halt EPA thuggery is to cut off their funding.

    The previous strategy to end EPA parasitic infection on the US economy was attempts to make their “regulations” (i.e., their organized extortion) “science” based. This was nothing than an added cost to the regulations they wanted to impose to destroy industrial activity anyway, because EPA would waste money paying “researchers” to manufacture data in support of what EPA wanted to do.

    Note that EPA never conducted their own “scientific” investigation of “global warming” – citing only IPCC reports as the “basis” of their “need” to “regulate” “greenhouse” gas emissions.

    The jailhouse confessions that became known collectively as “climategate” had no influence on EPA thinking at all. EPA actually exonerated the criminal syndicate before they were whitewashed by “official” internal investigations into obvious criminal behavior of the parties involved.

    EPA became the enforcement tool of the Obama administration extortion scheme to “force” the congess into Cap and Trade or something the administration liked.

    In 2012, a lot of Obama political appointees are going to find out that unemployment lines do nothing to build self-esteem. These people will welcome opportunity provided by the elimination of an infectious disease hosted and spread by a worthless EPA

  2. Our Greeenies have adopted a glacial climate as the desirable norm. I believe the need to maintan iced up polar regions to prevent sea level rise aids the natural cooling forces, that when combined, can return us to Pleistocene Ice Age No. 6, a most
    inopportune happening for mankind. It has
    been determined that the tropics today are only 4 deg C warmer than they were at the last glacial maximum, 22,000 years ago. To me that is not a comfortable margin.

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