Senate Dem writes Obama about EPA job-killing

Greenwire reports that Ohio Democrat Sherrod Brown has complained to President Obama about the threat to jobs posed by EPA greenhouse gas regulation. Brown’s letter to Obama stated,

“…Without careful consideration, the unintended consequences of imprudent regulation could ultimately undermine our shared objectives of reducing GHG emissions and spurring economic growth… It is disconcerting that, to my knowledge, the EPA has neither a plan in place nor the authority to provide these protections to U.S. manufacturing, a sector of the economy critical to the continued economic recovery of my state and so many others…”

If enough Senate Democrats get antsy about the EPA regs, Obama will be forced to give up his dream of advancing socialism through greenhouse gas regulation.

Click for Brown’s media release and letter.
Click here for the greens’ meltdown.

One thought on “Senate Dem writes Obama about EPA job-killing”

  1. Be wary of snakes bearing gifts. There is more money an power in the regulation of carbon than anything since the signing of the Magna Carta. They will not give up this easily.

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