Is Obama prepping the left for bad news on EPA?

The coincidence of:

  • Sen. Sherrod Brown’s letter to Obama about EPA regs;
  • Pew Center chief Eileen Claussen’s “prediction” in today’s Guardian about Obama; and
  •’s howling about the Brown letter,

may be signs that Obama is preparing his base for the impending news that the EPA will be delaying implementation of its greenhouse gas regulations by two years.

And, no, a two year delay is most certainly not good enough — it’s just a ploy to help Obama skate through the 2012 election.

2 thoughts on “Is Obama prepping the left for bad news on EPA?”

  1. Brown is my representative it will be one of my jobs to see he does not get re elected I will work hard to see him defeated , he is in Obamas back pocket and has no regard for the constitution., do not trust anything he does .,

  2. Ill believe this when I see it because there is more money and power in this implementation than anything since the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215 AD. It is that incredible. If you think these skunks are going to give that up with some kind of skulduggery then you’ve been in a cave since 1988.

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