Greens threaten wind, solar permitting

Check out this Politico report about environmentalists threatening the permitting process for wind and solar projects:


Both the wind and solar industries have run into trouble. Environmentalists are fretting over proposed solar projects on the desert tortoise habitat in the Mojave Desert. And the wind industry has been criticized for pushing turbines in places with high potential for bird collisions, including a project in central California’s Altamont Pass, home to a large population of golden eagles.

Earlier this month, Interior issued a draft of voluntary guidelines intended to protect golden eagles from turbine collisions.

The American Wind Energy Association blasted the document, saying it would scare off investors and delay projects for years. Not to be outdone, the American Bird Conservancy criticized Interior for stopping short of mandatory rules and said millions of birds will be killed unless wind power is made “bird-smart.”

2 thoughts on “Greens threaten wind, solar permitting”

  1. So John Kerry-like. They advocate for Policy A and before you know it they are advocating for against it. “We were for windmills before we were against them.” How typical of the professional greenies. Why anyone “joins” these groups by sending them their hard-earned money is almost totally beyond comprehension.

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