New study: Carbon capture doubles electric bills

A new study from Harvard University estimates that capturing carbon dioxide from power plants will double the cost of electricity.

This price tag does not include the cost of transporting and storing the carbon underground, which Michael Economides of the University of Houston estimates will cost additional trillions of dollars.

That’s a lot of money to spend to accomplish nothing of value.

2 thoughts on “New study: Carbon capture doubles electric bills”

  1. It would also be from Harvard. But Columbia is the real pest hole of American “higher education”. Worse than Berkley. Surprised this did not come from Columbia.

    Well, maybe the puppeteers manipulating the green useful idiots think this is some kind of clever misdirection that we untermenchen won’t figure out. If so, they are WRONG!

    We bears are smarter than they think!

  2. Go Michael Economides. If he has figured out what carbon capture and storage will cost, this means he must have also figured out HOW TO DO IT. Because despite the hype around Carbon Capture, this small detail of THE LACK OF EXISTENCE OF THE REQUIRED TECHNOLOGY TO DO IT has conveniently been left out. I’m guessing he assumed that creating the technology would be even more expensive that the already expensive proposition of using it.

    And hey isn’t it funny that Michael Economides became an Economist? It’s like Lou Gherig getting Lou Gherig’s disease. I mean, what are the odds…?

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