Great! Recession helps UK meet Kyoto limits

The ongoing global recession has reduced UK productivity so much that the nation’s CO2 emissions are below the levels set by the Kyoto Protocol, reports the Guardian.

But don’t expect the greens top be happy about it. Sandbag’s Bryony Worthington told The Guardian that,

“With too many rights to pollute in circulation, the [Kyoto emissions trading scheme] is in danger of being rendered irrelevant. At a time when other countries are looking to set up their own trading schemes and the world is set to debate a global deal on how to tackle climate change, [this] flagship policy urgently needs rescuing – starting with much tougher caps.”

So a recession isn’t good enough for the greens. We need a depression.

One thought on “Great! Recession helps UK meet Kyoto limits”

  1. It would be the Leninist Rag the GUARDIAN! Talk about a place staffed with useful idiots (well, “useful” for now).

    Look to Britain as a model for our Nation about ten years down the pike, a model on EVERYTHING, unless we can stop the Luciferian Synarchy that is pushing all of this homophobic crap, including radical environmentalism.

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