Waxman-Markey subsidizes 'Shower Nazi'

A “Shower Nazi” may be coming your way courtesy of Waxman-Markey.

Section 217 of the bill provides for a “water efficient product incentive program” that would provide rebates, vouchers, direct installs and other forms of financial assistance for the installation of water-saving products.

During my radio interview last Friday with Bob Jamison (Kern Valley News, KNCQ 102.5 FM / Bakersfield, CA), Jamison, a motel owner, told me that he had been solicited by the seller of the “Shower Manager,” a water-saving device. Curious, I went to the Shower manager web site.

Here’s how the Shower Manager works:

The Shower Manager not only puts time limits on the shower, it also cuts the water flow when the time has expired. Our unique shower timer is a patented two-phase flow controller that permits a full-flow of water for a time period you select, (5, 8 or 11 minutes) and then restricts the water flow by two-thirds when that time limit expires. You set the full-flow Interval that best fits your lifestyle and lock it in using a special magnetic sensor.

Shower manager with full flow
Shower manager with full flow
Shower Manager with restricted flow
Shower Manager with restricted flow

Here’s a letter from an actual satisfied customer of Shower Manager that is posted on the product web site:

Your product is awesome! We have had it for two weeks now and it works like a charm! My kids call it the Shower Nazi… but with the savings on water, we’ll be able to reward them at the end of the month!
Thanks, Lisa J

So your tax dollars may soon be used to outfit homes, hotel/motel rooms, gyms, and country clubs across the country with the Shower Nazi.

Isn’t green great?

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