5 thoughts on “Prius Hearse: Make your last ride a green one”

  1. Due to the dreadful nickel batteries the environmental cost of manufacturing a Prius is greater than that of manufacturing a Range Rover. I will stick to the Range Rover or Discovery.

  2. That’s going to be an awfully expensive way to transport my ashes, not that I will care. In addition to the $83k don’t forget the $15k every 3 to 5 years for new batteries.

  3. Well, if this is not a joke, I guess it is the only thing appropriate to haul off the dead useful idiots who drive so-called “eco-friendly” cars and get killed in fender-benders. Of course, getting the corpse to the cemetery in this thing might not be all that safe for it or for mortuary personnel driving it either. The more “good” they do, the more problems they create for themselves. But their brains have been so turned to mush, they cannot see it, they just CANNOT see it!!

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