Obama climate czar accused of law-breaking

House Republicans Darrell Issa and James Sensenbrenner are calling for an investigation of whether Obama climate czar Carol Browner’s secrecy in developing Obama’s CAFE standards and EPA’s CO2 endangerment finding was a “deliberate and willful violation” of the Presidential Records Act.

According to the letter,

… Mary Nichols, the head of the California Air Resources Board (CARB), revealed to the New York Times that the White House held a series of secret meetings with select special interests as they were crafting the new CAFE standards. Nichols was a key player in these negotiations because of California’s determined efforts to regulate fuel economy standards at the state level. Nichols admitted there was a deliberate “vow of silence
surrounding the negotiations between the White House and California on vehicle fuel economy [standards]. According to Nichols’ interview, “[Carol] Browner [Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change] quietly orchestrated private discussions from the White House with auto industry officials.” Great care was taken to “put nothing in writing, ever.” This coordinated effort, led by Carol Browner, to leave no paper trail of the deliberations within the White House appears to be a deliberate and willful violation of the Presidential Records Act. This Act requires the President to take, “all such steps as may be necessary to assure that the activities, deliberations, decisions, and policies that reflect the performance of his constitutional, statutory, or other official or ceremonial duties are adequately documented and that such records are maintained as Presidential records.” Clearly, Browner’s actions were intended to leave little to no documentation of the deliberations that lead to the development of stringent new CAFE standards.

So much for President Obama’s Jan. 21 committment to unprecedented openness in government.

Click here for the Issa/Sensenbrenner letter.

This case is not like Dick Cheney’s 2005 win-for-White-House-secrecy stemming from the 2001 lawsuit by green groups over Cheney’s refusal to release documents from the National Energy Policy Development Group under the Freedom of Information Act. In that case, a federal appeals court ruled that the NEPDG was not an agency subject to FOIA. But no one accused the NEPDG of conspiring to evade whatever record retention law might have been applicable.

Yes, this is the same Carol Browner who JunkScience.com exposed earlier this year as an official with Socialist International.

Click here for a copy of the Socialist International web page before Browner’s photo and name were scrubbed.

An appropriate historical footnote to this situation comes from a 1960 letter to Playboy from Ronald Reagan about his awakening to communism, as retold by James Mann in The Rebellion of Ronald Reagan (Viking Press, 2009):

What bothereed Reagan above all, he wrote, was the discovery that Communist Party members operated in secret and did not tell the truth. “I, like you, will defend the right of any American to openly practice and preach any political philosophy from monarchy to anarchy,” he told Hefner. “But this is not the case with regard to the communist. He is bound by party discipline to deny he is a communist so that he can by subversion and stealth impose on an unwilling people the rule of the International Communist Party which is in fact the government of Soviet Russia. Anti-communism for Reagan, then was not primarily foreign policy or geopolitics; it was personal and moralistic in nature, driven by his experiences with people he considered sophisticated and devious…

“General Secretary” is probably more apt than “czar” for Browner.

Oh, Carol...
Oh, Carol...

48 thoughts on “Obama climate czar accused of law-breaking”

  1. The plan is to squeeze money and our will to resist out of us with this administration. They rely on the greed of those in power or influence to profit from actual exchange of cash for trading “carbon credits” which has cash value if purchased to offset carbon use. It is nonsense, but if there is a potential for greed to make more, and the government to take more then that is the game.
    We need to vote out the congress that voted for this in 2010. Have been on scientific sites beyond my understanding, but the proof is already clear there is no crisis of global warming. It is chicken little screaming “the climate is changing!”

  2. Alternate use of Conventional Energy is something that the Administration, and all the “Concerned liberal environMENTALists” refuse to address.I would really like to see the EPA-OBD II Annual Vehicle Emissions Inspection Law closely examined, and changed.As it stands right now, it is entirely possible for any Gasoline powered Vehicle, from 1996 to the present, to fail it’s Emissions Inspection, for not emitting enough polluting Exhaust Emissions ! All such Vehicles have on board Oxygen [O2] Exhaust Sensors.These O2 Sensors are set up to detect a level of polluting Exhaust Emissions that would indicate that Gasoline is being consumed by an Engine at 14.7 parts of Air to 1 part of Fuel.If there is a low level of Oxygen, and a high level of Pollution, a Vehicle will fail it’s Emissions Inspection, as well it should.But, Gasoline can be safely vaporized into a mixture that is 100 parts of Air to 1 part of Fuel.With this, even the largest SUV could easily get 50 + MPG, and emit a fraction of the Emissions of a conventional 14.7/1 Fuel System, with an increase in Power, and much longer Engine life.I’m not the first to figure this out.Far from it ! For proof, do a search on [the late] Tom Ogle, and Charles Nelson Pogue.Then, go to http://energy21.freeservers.com/bookrep.html, and scan down the page to just before the update.But, even if it is not to be believed that Fuel Vaporization is entirely possible, it’s illegal to even attempt to do so, with any Vehicle, 13 years old, or newer.O2 Sensors are set up to detect that Fuel is being consumed at 14.7/1. A mixture of 100 / 1 will not emit enough Polluting Exhaust Emissions to register on O2 Sensors.When such a Vehicle is connected to an OBD II Emissions Inspection Analyzer, an O2 Sensor Failure Code will be generated, which will result in a failed Emissions Inspection.O2 Sensor Exemptions are permitted for Vehicles that have been legally converted to operate on Natural Gas, Propane, or Hydrogen, and are Registered as such.But not for vaporized Gasoline.Thus, it is entirely possible, under this EPA-OBD II Vehicle Emissions Inspection Law, for any Gasoline Powered Vehicle, 13 years old, or newer, to fail it’s Emissions Test, for not emitting enough polluting Exhaust Emissions ! As long as this insane 14.7/1 Law that only benefits Big Oil remains in effect, the only way to make Vehicles more “efficient” will be to make them lighter, and smaller.This has got to change ! I have asked the Question many times ; “Why is it illegal for any Gasoline powered Vehicle, 13 Years old, or newer, to emit too little polluting Exhaust Emissions”? So far, not one Big Oil Executive, Politician, or Concerned Environmentalist can, or will answer the Question.Those that have replied can’t seem to come up with an Answer either.Can you ?

  3. At my http://www.cosy.com/Liberty.htm#Links I have quotes from Dick Armey , Lenin , and alarmist Stephen Schneider and strongly contrasts with Armey .

    I’ll just repeat the Lenin quote here , but Schneider is similar :

    We must be ready to employ trickery, deceit, law-breaking, withholding and concealing truth. We can and must write in a language which sows among the masses hate, revulsion, scorn, and the like, towards those who disagree with us.

    Vladimir Ilyich Lenin quoted in Max Eastman : Reflections on the Failure of Socialism

  4. Regarding Reagan’s quote, there is another interesting and prophetic quote from the late Senator Jenner (R-IN), a friend of Joseph McCarthy. Around 1959. “It won’t be men who’ll change it. It’ll take a calamity, a disaster, fiscal collapse, something worse than the Hoover depression. They talk about Social Security. How much Social Security will you have after a fiscal collapse? Out of the ashes of ruin, a man might come along who would help us. If we’re lucky, It’ll be a man like Goldwater. It could be a man like Walter Reuther. What would we do then?” — I’ll admit, I had to Wiki Walter Reuther. Socialist and early UAW organizer/chief. This whole thing is making me re-think what i was taught about McCarthy. He knew the subversion was there, but couldn’t prove it. And Senator Jenner was very much concerned with the communist or socialist infiltration of our education system.

  5. I seem to recall a few news items from circa 2001 when the Czarina left EPA, she’s was less than fastidious in her handling of records on her EPA computer hard drive and network drives. Par for the course.

  6. Seriously, aren’t these actions grounds for impeachment? They were breaking the law. …high crimes and misdemeanor.

  7. I’ve got a whole list here, moron !!

    Did you see it? Oh, wait, I didn’t either, lol. Just teasing you, but the libs just believe he has the most ethical administration and cabinet in history. HA !!!


    Show me one of his minions who hasn’t broken the law, and I’ll be surprised.

  9. Exactly. No paper trail, no evidence. This bitch should be arrested for violation of tbe Presidential Records Act. Oh, wait…that only applies to make-believe crimes committed by the Republicans. Democrats don’t count and the media will never call them on it. Double standard and media bias, plain and simple.

  10. No use getting excited about Czarina Browner’s climate duties. If all she has to do is turn the thermostat dial for the president’s quarters, then that’s ok. California is being taken over by the forces of nature anyway. Drought, flood, wildfires, earthquakes, are just the minor issues. Excessive methane from too many flatulent cows, and too many cars, and too many nuts, are the main problems.

  11. “…death grip of environmentalist.”? For some reason I find that statement absolutely hilarious!

  12. Remove the word “mitigating” in the previous post. I don’t know why I put that word in there.

  13. Because they would never have anything to report and they’d be out of a job…duh!! Just teasing, but you are right…the list would be a lot shorter.

  14. This is news?

    How about they alert us when Obama appoints somebody who has NOT been charged with a crime.

  15. The liberals used ethics as a platform to get elected. During the Bush administration, the libs had to invent crimes that didn’t exist, and they used that to launch the ethics campaign.

    When Pelosi took office, she demanded to have a jet just like President Bush’s. Wow, egotistical and unethical. During the Republican reign of Congress, Pelosi fought for laws that protected the minority party in Congress. The Republicans passed the laws protecting the Democrats. But when Pelosi and the libs took over power, Pelosi went to work at dismantling those same laws she demanded be passed. I guess the only time a minority party needs protected is if it’s the Democrat party. Hypocrits to the extreme.

    All in all, this has been the most unethical Congress (since the libs took over) and Presidency I have ever seen. The media ignores it, too. If all of this was happening under Republican control of Congress and Bush as President, the media would have ripped them to shreds. We all know that to be true.

  16. California is a great state being hijacked by liberal environmentalist wackos. Just think, Obama wants California to be the leader in deciding what environmental laws the rest of the country has to follow. The entire country is going to be in the death grip of environmentalist. It doesn’t matter that the results of the environmental laws are killing the state of California, it’s what’s going to be used anyway.

  17. Exactly right. That’s why they kept saying “we have to pass the stimulus bill within a couple days or the whole world’s economy will collapse”. Did anyone believe that one? They were supposed to leave it open for a few days before the vote to give the public a chance to scrutinize what was in the bill, but the libs hurried and passed it before the public even had a chance to see the merits of the bill. Intentional, because 80% of the public is against the bill…and future ones like it.

  18. He shouldn’t even be in office. To this day he still has not produced an actual birth cirtificate and has spent a million dollars in his defense so he doesn’t have to ever produce one.

    Being that he had dual citizenship and different nationalities of parents, you think this would be a top priority for our courts to get to the bottom of. Nope, they aren’t even interested.

  19. Obama, Gore, Pelosi, Reid, nor the U.N. are naive. They know exactly what they are doing, and the intention has absolutely nothing to do with saving the planet.

    Obama’s relationship with Bill Ayers was no coincidence, or even just a career starter. Obama surrounded himself with people just like Ayers in college. Ayers wrote a book on how to destroy capitalism and install socialism. Obama’s book was sent to experts to analyze the style of the writing, and the results came back that Ayers actually wrote Obama’s book. Can’t be proven, but with all the mitigating circumstances it certainly rings of plausibility.

    In any case, Obama and the libs are following the steps in Ayeers book. This is not a coincidence. The environment is being used to accomplish their goals. U.N. representatives and environmental leaders have been quoted saying that they don’t care if it’s faulty science….it’s what they are going to use to push their wacko agendas.

    Many Americans HAVE seen this coming and DO recognize the importance in shutting it down. But the libs are trying to stack the cards against us. They are currently working on shutting down conservative talk shows on the radio, and they have said they will find a way to shut down FOX News on television. The current liberals are fascist. This has dire consequenses for the entire world, so what can we do to combat it? I vote against these jerks, but they have the blinders on too many sheep!!

  20. bear865 says, “We have to break radical environmentalism, or it will be the death of the Nation and the world.” You are just so right my friend, so right. I´m not an American so I can watch the whole damned thing unfold from the sideline, and I can tell you what I see… A whole nation,and indeed the most important nation for the whole world and the planet, is being taking for a very very serious and detrimental ride by a person who looks more and more naive and uniformed to me. To me it´s just a question of how long the American people will accept this national death spiral before they actually wake up and do something seriously about it, whatever it might be….

  21. If president Obama instructed his climat czar to break the law, then is his direction to do so an impeachable offense?

  22. I remember the Democrats going crazy when there was an eighteen minute gap in a tape of a conservation in Nixon’s office. A lot of trees died just to cover up the language in the fraction of the tape that survived and was transcribed with the words “expletive deleted” instead of what was really said.

    Maybe someone should ask if there was a tape made of the meetings. Maybe Blago or his wife could translate the tape so the clergy could understand what was going on in living color.

    I seriously doubt that there was anything said in the meeting that was not commonly propagated in most Sierra Club meetings.

    I wonder if Arnold, the governor of Caleeefornia, was there?

  23. all things done in the house today are in the or under the cloak of darkness for fear of the population finding out to soon, that is why Obama wants to get all he can get through so no one notices they have been had,.

  24. It is not surprising the Mary Nichols would be a part of this “secrecy”. She has run roughshod over the entire transportation, shipping, logging and contracting industries in California as the head of California Air Resources Board. She will see to it the California will not recover from our current economic debacle for at least a decade.

    I was unable to get the Issa/Sensenbrenner letter mentioned above. How can I get a copy?

  25. I guess this is what they mean by “transparency”. It’s so transparent there’s is nothing to see!

  26. This woman looks as goofy as Nancy Polosi. Probably is too. We have to break radical environmentalism, or it will be the death of the Nation and the world.

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