Back to the future with Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank is helping the greens market global warming alarmism with this “carbon counter” near Madison Square Garden:


You can even get a counter for your web site that looks like this:


But don’t be shocked and appalled that Deutsche Bank is helping the greens. The bank is no stranger to aiding and abetting oppression…


Der Al Gore hat immer Recht!

9 thoughts on “Back to the future with Deutsche Bank”

  1. Herr Al Gore und die gesamt democratische
    Partei sind der Teufel. Gott soll sie nehmen und rette die Erde.

  2. I can’t believe how many people are buying into this garbage. The inventors of global warming were smart enough to push the devistation off to about 100 years from now, but are saying ” we have to act now to save the planet”. I think that science has debunked this already, but no one will be alive to be able to have the ultimate proof of being able to say….”why did nothing happen after 100 years?”. They weren’t so smart in the past. They made claims of global warming and global cooling in the past, but nothing happened over a decade or so and then no one believed them any more. If they fail this time they will come up with a better scheme the next time around.

  3. Giant counting billboards seem to be today’s leading indicator of illigitimate movements. Remember the “Dehere Gun Fighters Death Clock” in Times Square, erected by financier Robert Brennan in memory of his brother who was “shot to death during an armed robbery?” Ever wonder what happened to that? Turned out the brother was actually shot by a cop, after pointing a gun at him at the end of a high-speed chase; and Brennan himself erected the billboard as a diversion to avoid being indicted for securities fraud by the SEC. It didn’t work ($75-million civil fraud judgment). Looks like Deutsche Bank is in fine company.

  4. How about just “people, the scourge of the Earth”, except for Kissinger’s 500,000,000 Chinese peasant slaves to be left alive to serve the elite of the Luciferian Synarchy, because they are convinced they are to inherit the Earth, and by God, they will kill everyone and anything that stands in their way, including all Germans that are not deemed worthy of survival, which will be 99.9%+. BAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. You can take the boy out of Munich, but he will never forget the beerhall putsch or all the fun he had terrorizing Jews. This time it is “White people, the scourge of the Earth.”

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