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Mark Steyn’s takedown of the warmer clown Mann

I like the work of Steyn in print and on the radio.

You know he was sued by Michael Mann for defamation because in a National Review on line posting he compared Mann’s conduct on the Hockey Stick and Climategate matter to the Penn State Pederasty/Sandusky case that resulted in the firing of Joe Paterno.

I think Steyn was just pointing out that double standards were in play.

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Tim Ball speaks to the junk academics/researchers/modelers

He has a good take off point–Jon Gruber. This essay is outstanding.

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Pat Michaels on Politics and Climate

Pat Michaels is a Climate guy but keeps his finger on the politics, from his perch at the CATO.


Indeed, there is a disconnect on climate in DC, even for the people in the same party–sort of a reminder of the failure of cap and trade.

Fred Singer Goes After Mikey Mann

I can’t get enough of Fred Singer showing that Michael Mann is a charlatan and deceiver.

More on Temp Dredging from Last Year

Sure it was the warmest, but yes they have culled and parsed and sliced the record and reports.

That is why it is so important that Christy and Spencer keep us informed. Can’t fool the satellites.

Karl Popper and Reliable Science

I will admit some criticize Popper for being so dead set in favor of deductive methods and against inductive scientific methods, but his point is deductive science that tests and verifies with reliable evidence is the essential test of reliable and credible science. Falsifiability (testability) is a big and important word in the world of Popper Science. Seems Einstein agreed about experiments and evidence as controlling and dispositive.

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Group sues UArizona to disclose Climategate e-mails

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