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Blame DDT exposure…3 generations ago for your weight

The latest scare claims that exposure to DDT several generations ago is making people fatter today. The explanation sounds all “sciency” and impressive, but junkscience often does. Continue reading

Canadian Health Group Pulls Back Salt Restrictions

Following close behind the UK, Canada’s health organization, Hypertension Canada, has raised its recommended salt limits. They’re inching their way towards the evidence, but still can’t quite bring themselves to abandon popular salt myths. Continue reading

The latest environmental illness: windmill sensitivity

Never underestimate the power of nocebo. Continue reading

Universal Salt Iodisation

Coinciding with observance of Global Iodine Deficiency Disorder prevention day, Pakistan’s public health officials call for a stronger salt iodisation program. Continue reading

UK health officials lighten salt reduction efforts

The Department of Health is scaling back salt reduction targets set to be issued for a wide range of foods, including meat, bread, cereals and cheese. Efforts to change consumers’ palates, it seems, are running into problems as food producers find they’ve “reached the limits of what is possible.”  Continue reading

Wind power is more expensive, so adding wind power can lower costs???

When all of the costs are included, wind energy costs were found to be nearly double government estimates while raising energy costs for consumers. Yet U.S. taxpayers are subsidizing wind energy at a cost of $12 billion a year. Continue reading

Cancer to be redefined

The working group for the National Cancer Institute has proposed that the term “cancer” be redefined to mean only lesions likely to kill a patient if untreated. Continue reading