4 thoughts on “FULL TEXT — Trump Executive order ending Obama climate rules”

  1. I read an article saying how dirty the air would be after this was done.

    I reminded them that the CPP did not come into play until late in Obama’s term so at the very worst, the air would be the same as when the O was president – and if you have a problem with that go after him, not Trump.

    But clean air is not the issue – using this to attack the President is the only agenda.

  2. How very true Jerry! Usually poli’s make all sorts of promises and most of us go forward in the knowledge (demonstrated historically) that the chances of any of their promises actually being actioned are pretty slim. How refreshing then to see that at last you have a president who is standing by his promises and is only being hindered by those with other agendas that do not align with truth and freedom

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