6 thoughts on “WaPo slams Trump on climate because nuke weapon explosion is ‘hypothetical’”

  1. North Korea has detonated real nukes in tests (3 A-bombs, 1 H-bomb).
    North Korea has launched ballistic missiles that have enough range to threaten US territory and put satellites into orbit.
    North Korea is still at war with South Korea, and considers us just another enemy.
    North Korea’s Kim dynasty is demonstrably sociopathic.
    None of this is ‘hypothetical’.

  2. The world’s next nuclear detonation could be right over the WaPo building, if Iran or North Korea (and their nuke sponsor, the Democratic Party of the U.S.), do what they have already threatened to do. God forbid, but the Dems are enabling exactly that.

  3. Hypothetical, didn’t a bomber fly across the US with live nukes on board only 2 years ago, accidentally?

    More CAGW Church of Thermogeddon nonsense.

    Love the WAPO’s “defense” of free speech, this is the “media” that lied it’s a$$ off to get the US into Iraq

  4. Most of the legitimate scientists do not agree with the WaPo position. Paper after paper holds that CO2 has little or no effect on climate, and that the alarmists are just that, alarmists! They are Chicken Little crying that the sky is falling. If it weren’t for the fact that governments are using this blatant lie to extort money out of it’s citizenry and exercise additional control over them it would be hilarious that so many so-called scientists could get it so wrong. Most of the scientific opinions put forth were done without even looking at the data. Professors looking for grants just climbed on the money train and did shit research to prop up the Politically Correct position, which is just plain wrong!

  5. And then, on the other hand, there are many qualified, experienced scientists who are cautioning against going over board about CO2 being of any great significance in generating the planet’s greenhouse effect.

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