Prominent Yale warmist admits global warming impact is ‘invisible’

Thank you Anthony Leiserowitz.

From the NYTimes ombudsman’s column today, whinging about the paper’s lack of climate coverage:

The Times, which has published many groundbreaking series on the environment, has not had such a series since Mr. Gillis’s “Temperature Rising” ended in January. Such series not only provide especially deep reporting, but their presence also shows the subject is a high priority. “The Times is the thought leader and the agenda-setter, both globally and in the United States,” said Anthony Leiserowitz, director of Yale University’s Project on Climate Change Communication. “What it does matters tremendously, especially on this topic whose impact is invisible.”

5 responses to “Prominent Yale warmist admits global warming impact is ‘invisible’

  1. There is a really good reason that it is invisible… doesn’t exist!!!!

  2. I once heard an old scientific dicta,, ” If it happens, , it must be possible.”, so I wonder if the obverse is true, ” If it doesn’t happen,, it must not be real.” ?
    Bill Price USlandAlliance.US

  3. Maybe someone could explain the difference between an invisible impact and no impact.

  4. well, as I recall, the Emperor’s New clothes were described as such, too…. hmmmmm

  5. The hobgoblins described by Mencken are vulnerable to the same forces that extinguished the Gods of Olympus – ennui and disregard.

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