BBC pressured to silence skeptics — Warmists likened to ‘brain surgeons’, skeptics to ‘homeopaths’

The Guardian reports:

The BBC has been criticised for its coverage of the most comprehensive scientific study on global warming yet published. Prominent climate experts have accused the corporation of bias towards “climate sceptics” at the expense of mainstream scientists.

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8 responses to “BBC pressured to silence skeptics — Warmists likened to ‘brain surgeons’, skeptics to ‘homeopaths’

  1. The Warmist Collective doesn’t like anyone not acting assimilated. The Beeb is now the Blob.

  2. Guardian in the fascist sense obviously

  3. The NIPCC was criticized because of its funding but the supposed errors in the science completely ignored. I guess funding sources determine truth.

    And what’s with that “deforestation” remark. Suddenly, they throw in cutting trees? Isn’t England about to return to burning wood for electricity?

    • England was deforested because of the little ice age. They needed more robust housing because it was cool and the housing needed windows. Most of the trees were cut down to make glass – in fact that is a large reason they wanted d to colonize north america – trees and sand. Fortunately they started using coal instead.

  4. The BBC giving skeptics some airtime? That certainly is a new development. Normally BBC=BCC as warmism rules with the corporation.

    However thery have slightly and I mean slightly moderated their extremist alarmist stand over the past year by allowing skeptics observations to be heard then dismissed by paid “experts”.

    It is getting harder for them to report anything on global warming however as there isn’t any, worse it is getting cooler. There are the extreme (i.e. normal) weather events and the cold equals warm meme but they are at last begining to realise there isn’t anything left to report that isn’t outright in your face fraud which makes them vunerable to the well deserved charge of extreme bias.

  5. That’s the first time I’ve heard of zombies referred to as brain-surgeons.

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