Warmist admits recent 97% ‘consensus’ survey paper is bogus

The Nonsensus (based on the recent survey of 65 papers) is actually more like less than 50%.

The Reno Gazette Journal reports warmist Dana Nuccite

Nuccitelli said, “We were always careful to say that while the survey involved 12,000 abstracts, the 97 percent consensus was among the ~4,000 abstracts that took a position on the cause of global warming (plus the roughly 1,400 of 2,100 self-rated papers taking a position). And we were careful to point out that the consensus was that ‘humans are causing global warming.’

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2 responses to “Warmist admits recent 97% ‘consensus’ survey paper is bogus

  1. Wow, using the guidelines they did for tabulating the 97% number you could just about make the same wrong conclusion on any topic if you lump the overwhelming number of responses to two categories simply because they were related to the one extreme category. Is that taught to be part of the scientific process??

  2. I think they’ve changed the link on you. I keep getting shunted to a rather speciously written article claiming to debunk the ‘no warming in the last 15 years’ and ‘no 97‰ consensus’ arguments.

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