Climategate 2.0: ‘Hockey stick’ debunking confirmed

Hockey sticks, hockey sticks, everywhere a hockey stick.

From the Climate 2.0 collection, alarmist Rob Wilson (?) confirms Steve McIntyre’s debunking of Michael Mann’s hockey stick:

I thought I’d play around with some randomly generated time-series and see if I could ‘reconstruct’ northern hemisphere temperatures. […] The reconstructions clearly show a ‘hockey-stick’ trend. I guess this is precisely the phenomenon that Macintyre has been going on about.

McIntyre had reported that Mann’s temperature reconstruction model produced a hockey stick no matter what temperature data was input to it.

Read Climategate 2.0.

4 responses to “Climategate 2.0: ‘Hockey stick’ debunking confirmed

  1. When alarmist admit it, can we finally drive a stake through the heart of the Mann’s hoakey stick?

  2. The stick is heartless and has a life of its own.
    How many people (believers) have heard of all this debunking….very few. It’s not a sensational headline – no media coverage.

  3. As they say GIGO.

  4. We should wrap the fools heads with a hockey stick.
    More emissions came out of there recent volcanic activity than all the coal fired power stations have emitted in 40 years.
    The billion pound industry which has grown around climate issues has to be stopped, feed and free the world instead

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