Climate Features

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  • Global Warming at a glance. This page is your portal to a frequently updated snapshot view of the “official” temperature charts and underlying data. It also contains expanded sections on each of the data sets, historical sun spot counts, some discussion on trends and even elementary “chartsmanship”.
  •’s Global Thermometer: near real-time daily mean near-surface equivalent temperatures derived from UAH AMSU satellite data – see the introduction here.
  • “Global Warming” Proxies. For historical perspective.
  • This “global warming” thing… what Watt is what? Moving on from the temperature the planet is thought to be – and that which it is thought to have been, let’s look at the claims of possible warming from enhanced greenhouse effect (that’s the correct name for “global warming” and its associated, if constantly evolving nomenclature). We have examined numerous claims and expanded the calculations for possible climate sensitivity to added atmospheric carbon dioxide.
  • The Real ‘Inconvenient Truth’ exposes a few of the more absurd claims. While the workings are included for those with a stronger founding in science and math this document is written so that anyone with a fair to good working knowledge of English should be able to follow along. If you were troubled by An Inconvenient Truth then you really should see this document.
  • Why is so opposed to CCS. On the strength of what we consider the ultimate in junk science there is a massive push to constrain global carbon emissions with one oft-promoted option being Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). In fact CCS is a terrible idea and we show you why here.
  • Cosmic Rays and Earth’s Climate – Almost ignored by the media the Royal Society has quietly published what may prove to be the most significant paper on Earth’s climate in decades. Here we present background on the paper and explore some of its ramifications.
  • Evidence that cosmic rays seed clouds – Most followers of the so-called “climate debate” are at least aware of what has been labeled, inter alia, the “Svensmark Effect” and regular readers will recall our brief feature Cosmic rays and climate. Of course Svensmark et al are not alone in associating solar activity and cloudiness.
  • CCS, the other financial considerations. Some of the additional and actually quite mind-boggling costs are explored here.
  • Paper: Semi-retired physicist Dr. Daniel M. Sweger has been a research scientist at NIST, where he was active in a variety of research areas, including cryogenic thermometry, solid state and nuclear physics, and molecular spectroscopy. His new paper,Earth’s Climate Engine (876 Kb PDF)  is now available for discussion.
  • Checking Their Homework. For decades now we have heard how global warming is going to get us, how a doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide will lead to scary amounts of warming. How’s that working out?
  • Calculate Earth’s expected mean temperature. Just what is Earth’s expected mean temperature anyway? Calculate it for yourself with the tools provided here.
  • Is the world really too warm? Are we really sure the world is too warm? See for yourself.
  • How do they get so much anticipated warming from so little gas? See the trick explained.
  • On Stupid Ideas To Cool The Planet Sometimes well meaning people come up with some really stupid ideas, this is one of them.
  • If “global warming” is real, what could be causing it?
  • That Ozone Thing… Despite all the hand wringing and arm waving Earth’s stratospheric ozone is doing just fine. See how it varies naturally throughout the year in this series of quarterly records from Earth Probe TOMS. Follow the embedded link to see the (lack of) effect on surface UV levels.