Capital Weather: A Study in Climate Lying

The Washington Post‘s climate-bedwetting weather crew calls itself the Capital Weather Gang (Twitter: @capitalweather). Check out my Twitter exchange with them last night.

Capital Weather tweeted this yesterday afternoon.

Not only does Capital Weather have an extensive history of linking nearly every bit of bad weather to climate, it has a history of linking tornadoes to climate.

So I promptly replied to Capital Weather with the following:

Capital Weather tried to laugh off my tweet by pretending that they weren’t trying to link tornadoes with climate.

Boy… aren’t I stupid?

I responded as follows:

So then… this morning… I sit down to drink my coffee and to read the “newspaper.”

I unfold my copy of the Washington Post and find this story on the front page:

But we’re not done yet.

First, article co-author Jason Samenow is the founder of the Capital Weather.

And then… the web version of the article was published yesterday at 5:11 pm… less than an hour after the tweet that started this chain of events… and almost five hours before Capital Weather’s tweet denying that it was trying to link tornadoes with climate.

How do you know when climate bedwetters are lying?

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